Monday, May 4, 2009


  • When do you people find time to upload pictures and write about them on your blog???? I still can't seem to figure that out.
    I thought I would give this blogging thing a try because believe me I have the crazy stories, thoughts, pictures, words of wisdom, etc... to share, I just can't ever sit down to record them! If its staying up past 10pm to do it, then I'm afraid I will never succeed at this blogging thing. Like right now, I have at least 10 other important things that I need to be doing... like piles of laundry, cleaning/organizing the garage, preparing the soil to plant my garden, going to the tile store to order the tile for the fireplace surround, painting the walls upstairs, getting out my kids summer clothes and putting away the winter stuff, installing the chair rail up stairs, deep cleaning both bathrooms, sewing some gifts for friends, laying the brick borders around all the flowerbeds, ordering plants for the yard, making dinner, organizing the office--K, that's more than 10 and I have 5 more major things to add! So this is my problem...seriously when do you blog?