Friday, March 27, 2009


Remember when I mentioned 'seeing the mullet in all its glory'.... well this is it! LOVE THIS LOOK! Hope you enjoy it as much as I do each morning! But I must admit... pictures just don't do it justice.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spring Snow!

This is what we woke up to this morning. It seems like everyone is annoyed that snow is here again, but for some reason it made my day (and it was birthday!). When the season changes from winter to spring, I feel energized and ready to LIVE my best life, but I would be fibbing if failed to admit that once all the snow has melted there is a part of me that misses it. So after a couple weeks of gorgeous warm weather, it was nice to wake up to a fresh blanket of clean snow. Plus it was all melted by the end of the day...and that I believe is the best part of spring snow.

Monday, March 23, 2009

making cookies... FINALLY

One of my favorite activities to do with the kids is making and decorating sugar cookies. We only do it around holidays and since we ripped out our kitchen on October 1st and have been living in the aftermath for the past 6 months we missed a lot of 'making cookie holidays'... halloween, thanksgiving, christmas, valentines... But not St. Patrick's day! Not only did we make cookies but we had a St. Patrick's day Party! The kids made cool hats, ate green food, learned all about St. Patrick, made leprechaun coin bags and coins, took a trip to story time at the library, and I saved the best for last...decorating cookies. But this is the best part... after friends left Elsa and Carter were helping me finish up the rest of the cookies. As you can imagine they were having a blast until... Elsa lost her balance on the chair she and Carter were standing on, trying to catch her fall she hit Carter who in the process of falling off the chair hit the cookie stand with all the cookies. Carter ended up on the floor with a frosted cookie stuck to the side of his head. Both of them in tears and all the cookies on the floor.... and I didn't get a picture!!! You gotta love those moments!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

look who's here...

SPRING... Oh how I love you... let me count the ways:
1. Daffodils: They just scream spring and fun to me. We always had them in our yard growing up, but I became passionate about them in Hyde Park in London. We lived a block or two from Hyde Park and every spring the park was filled with daffodils... and not in flower beds-- they popped up throughout the grass in perfect little bouquets. I miss that.
2. The grill is out, and what a relief as I have desperately needed a change to my cooking routine. Grill= less mess and good food.
2. Elsa can finally wear short sleeves! While in Southern Cali. in January, we were spoiled with temps in the 80's. Elsa LOVES short sleeve t-shirts... and got to where them everyday there. Of course, once home we were greeted with more and more snow, which meant more and more tears as she pleaded to me (and to Heavenly Father) EVERYDAY for summer to come. Well, her prayers were answered b/c it was in the 70's all last week and that is unbelievably warm weather for March. She is thrilled and so am I.
3. Gardening: Last summer was the first time I planted a full out veggie garden. It was a lot of work, but worth it. This year it will be much bigger.
4. My birthday. Spring is the best time of year to have a birthday. This year my wards 'Relief Society Birthday' celebration is on my birthday. The enrichment committee asked for volunteers to decorate the tables. I signed up to do one and I have decided that I will be decorating a table to celebrate my birthday and only those who love me can sit at it. ha ha. I am sure some random person will wander over and take a seat... and that will be interesting.

disguising the mullet

So.... which one is the winner?? or do you prefer the mullet?

Monday, March 9, 2009

The Hair Cut--part 2

Well it's been like, what, 3 weeks since the hair cut, and although I still get frustrated when I see that mullet in all it's glory (after a bath, or first thing in the morning), I am laughing about it, and I have gained a few positive insights from the experience...thanks to my family and friends
1. First an foremost, if cutting her hair into an '80's' mullet once a year was the only bad choice I ever had to worry about her making, that would be a blessing!
2. Elsa has a very artistic mind, and well, loves to create.... she is a 'do-it-yourself-er', and there is no question who she got that from. (thank you, Mom for helping me to realize that)
3. Where most every other mother would of taken her in to the hair salon and had it all cut off and made even, and I have a talent of being able to keep the hair that is left and hide it with a few different 'up do's'. (There are not many of us that can french braid 2" pieces of hair now are there??)
4. And from her own mouth... "Mom, I am pretty if I have short hair or long hair... if you didn't cut your hair, I wouldn't of cut mine"

Oh Elsa, I love you. Just let me know the next time you are feeling like you need a hair cut.